Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS (Software as a Service)


Our Software as a Service (Saas) offers you a custom reporting dashboard for all of your marketing efforts. You can also view and respond to your highly sought after positive reviews thanking your customers for their continued support of your business. You can respond quickly to those who may not have had the best experience and had something negative to say, quickly managing the situation before it impacts your business negatively.

Our SaaS also allows you to solicit reviews from past clients by simply sending them an email asking for their feedback about your business. This reminds them of the good experience they had while visiting and putting you top of mind again when it comes time for your product or service.

Once you have your reviews going smoothly you can also have our listing builder in-use correcting your digital listings that may be incorrect. There are over 3,500 different digital locations that your business could potentially be listed. If that information is incorrect, people will struggle to find your business, which could impact your bottom line.

While you are having your listings fixed in the digital arena we also have a Marketing Learning guide to help you better understand marketing and the importance it plays with growing your business.

Software as a Service with 360 Marketing and Advertising

What you will get with 360 Marketing & Advertising:

  • Advertising Intelligence
  • Digital Listing Builder
  • Digital Listing Sync Pro
  • Review Display Pro
  • Social Media Marketing Reporting
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Project Management Software
  • Reputation Management
  • Rapid Reviews – Increases Google Reviews
  • Website Chatbot Pro
  • Listing Claim: Medical Package
  • Customer Voice – Increases Google Reviews
  • Email Software
  • Text/SMS/with Google Reviews
  • File Storage
  • Basic CRM Database
  • Marketing Guide Learning

Average Competitor Marketing Software Costs

  • Dropbox (File Storage) – $250/Month
  • Constant Contact or Mailchimp Software – $299/Month
  • CRM Basic Database Software – $150/Month
  • Project Management Software – $150/Month
  • Text/SMS/ with Google Review (Podium) – $499/Month
  • Text/SMS Software – $150/Month
  • Digital Listing (YEXT) – $900
  • Website Chatbot – $100/Month

TOTAL COST = $1,675/Month!

Get your ALL-IN-ONE Business Center Custom Dashboard for only $350 a month!

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